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    problems starting my 3.3

    my engine doesn't want to start I bought my slayer pro brand new and after I broke it in like it said to do well I could tell the idle was way to high so I turned it down and it still didn't drop down like it should have well as I got checking everything I noticed the glow plug was lose now I know when the plug is lose it will make the engine run lean but when I tightend up the plug my engine would start so im wondering if by me turning down the idle then tighting the plug could the fact that the idle is down maybe its to low to start now that the plug is tight?

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    You also have to tune your hsn and lsn in sync. Start with the hsn and the lhe lsn in 1/16 inscriments. Make sure tha the gap at the carb opening is between 0.7mm to 1mm, only after these have been set properly then you can adjust your idle.
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