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    Mamba ESC Fan stopped working...

    I appreciate all the advice I have been given thus far for my newly purchased Erevo Mamba.

    I couldn't wait for my roll cage, used it today and flipped it really hard on the body on cement. Now...
  2. Hottrod... Two follow-up questions on your...

    Hottrod... Two follow-up questions on your rollcage suggestion...

    1) Does it install easily to the stock chassis? 2) If installed, can I still put the plastic cover on, or do I need a new body to...
  3. I mean... It's one of these (I am looking into...

    I mean... It's one of these (I am looking into buying a paraboard)...

    XH and T plugs
    XH and EC3 Connectors
    XH and XT60 Connectors
    TP and T plugs
    HP and T plugs
  4. What is the technical name of the connectors at the end of a Traxxas pack?

    I have no clue. Someone help me out please? Thanks.
  5. Charing multiple-lipos using a Paraboard (video included)

    Not sure Traxxas has a charger that can charge up to 30a hours... but this is a good video. Agreed?
  6. I need a stronger body than the stock for my Erevo

    There has got to be a stronger body available to buy than that flimsy piece of plastic that covers my $300 green mamba monster and esc.

    Does anyone know a good source for buying aftermarket...
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    This is very helpful. So you're saying that...

    This is very helpful. So you're saying that there are better Emaxx upgrades to buy than Erev
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    Emaxx Mamba vs Erevo Mamba

    Anyone on here have them both?

    I want to crush big air jumps. Not so worried about the handling the Erevo has.

    I am looking to hear from you? Thanks.
  9. My Summit VXL started moving on its own... is it possesed?

    Happened twice today. After a lot of hard riding with my 2 cell 7.4 volt lipos, I went to change it out and the oddest thing happened... the motor was activated even though my radio was sitting...
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    Thanks for the video. I was considering...

    Thanks for the video. I was considering downgrading to as waterproof ESC. Not anymore. Thanks a bunch.
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    My Summit VXL stopped working! Why?

    Ok. It was a gift for my daughter, and I use it too on Christmas. It has never been mishandled. I'm hoping one of you can tell me what's wrong with it?

    I've done only 1 upgrade to it -- I added...
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