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    the term "ROLLER"??

    I know what a roller is but for the topic of being a topic, what is your terminology of it?

    I've always been into classic cars and have owned a 63 Nova, a couple 89-93 Mustangs, and now own a 70...
  2. That's good to hear. Maybe I'll just leave it...

    That's good to hear. Maybe I'll just leave it where it's at then for now.

    The diamonds we run on around here, not during little league season, seem very sandy. I refuse to drive my VXL Rustler or...
  3. Gearing question. I know right? Looking for Tech. also

    In the process of working on a old Rustler XL-1 for my 6 year old son. I sent in the old XL-1 esc and up graded to the XL-5 esc. I also purchased a new titan 12t motor for it as well. I noticed the...
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    Yes. This Extension Data Cable supports data...


    This Extension Data Cable supports data syncing and power charging of your iPod, iPhone or iPad when you need to do it in an extended range. You would find it helpful when you need to charge...
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    Traxxas Link With IPad?

    Has any one ever tried to run an IPad off their TQI radio?

    Obviously it wont fit in the dock but has any one tried to use an extension cable to plug their IPad into the radio?

    Reason behind...
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