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  1. +1 for a re-designed brushless 4-tec

    +1 for a re-designed brushless 4-tec
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    +1 on a new and improved 4-tec with the vxl as an...

    +1 on a new and improved 4-tec with the vxl as an option.
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    Sticky: Anyone around Spring or north side of Houston...

    Anyone around Spring or north side of Houston wanna bash? Or do you know any good spots?
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    4-tec owner right here

    Hey guys I am a 4-tec owner also. I dont know how long though because it is getting harder and harder to find parts. Tower Hobbies looks like they have quit carrying anything for electric-4-tecs. ...
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    Help...glow plug probem

    while driving my 3.3 rustler this morning I went through 3 glow plugs in less than an hour...I am stumped, my temps were 235-240, I had a good trail of smoke, I dont know what happened, has this...
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    gearing for velineon brushless 4-tec

    I am planning on dropping the new velineon motor and esc in my 4-tec (when they finally come out anyway) what do you guys think would be a good starting point for the gearing?
  7. receiver battery? do you really get more runtime?

    I am considering getting a hump pack because I heard you get more runtime. Has anyone on here done this and what are your'e thought on it?
  8. thanks for the info

    Thanks for the replies, it sounds like these batteries will be good for what I want to do, alot of bashing! By the way how does the EVX handle 14 cells? I just aquired an E-revo with all the guts...
  9. battery packs-anyone ever use them?

    I saw these packs on e-bay from for pretty good prices, does anyone have any experience with these? Are they any good or just junk?
  10. I have not had to make any modifications to the...

    I have not had to make any modifications to the tranny yet, everything is holding up just fine with the exception of the plastic drive yokes pop out sometimes but when I pop them back in they are...
  11. Can a Nitro Rustler be as fast as a Jato?

    With the correct gearing, can a rustler be as fast or faster than a jato? I installed a 3.3 in my nitro rustler and it flies, but I have not had the opportunity to hit it with a radar gun. I have...
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