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  1. New Price $45 Shipped

    New Price

    $45 Shipped
  2. any takers?

    any takers?
  3. Traxxas 8.4v 3000Mah NiMH Brand New Batteries

    Asking Price: $55.00 (Pair S&H Included)

    Paypal only. I will send you an invoice once agreed to buy. You pay, then I ship.

    These are brand new from Traxxas and were only charged but not used in...
  4. Sticky: My Friend and I Unboxing our new E-Revo's

    E-Revo Unboxing YAY!

  5. Thanks for all the comments! I actually took a...

    Thanks for all the comments! I actually took a nail file to the connectors coming off the ESC on the plastic top parts of the section that inserts into each other. It is SOOOOOOOOO much easier now...
  6. Battery Connectors Becoming Hard to Insert / Remove

    I recently spent about a good 3 mins trying to unplug my TRX connectors from my stock E-Maxx setup (3903). I find that they are becoming harder to insert and remove. I have both the stock Traxxas 7C...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Adventures and Mishaps of E-Maxx and T-Maxx

    Greetings Traxxas community!

    First, I did post this video over in my E-Maxx thread under the video section, but I couldn't find a video section for the T-maxx.. Anyways, Since this has both the...
  9. Sticky: My buddy and I just got into the R/C hobby. This...

    My buddy and I just got into the R/C hobby. This is my first REAL R/C (the E-Maxx) and it's been about 6 years since my friend had one (He has the T-maxx 3.3) we decided to start this series to be...
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