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  1. The Capacitors blew out Castle Creations Spartan ESC

    The Capacitors blew out on my Castle Creations Spartan ESC . It happen as soon as I plugged in the 7.4 lipo batteries. Does any have any tips on how to remove the caps with out damaging the esc?...
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    I,m in SWFL near Fort Myers!

    I,m in SWFL near Fort Myers!
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    I put on the splash guard and used foam whether...

    I put on the splash guard and used foam whether striping to seal up 90% of the vents. I left a little space on the outside edge so the water can drain out from the groove around the whole hatch. So...
  4. Breaking 30mph on my stock set up before upgrading to lipos! Is this possible?

    My top speed on my spartan so far is 26.3 mph running on stock nimh battery packs. It is carrying a gps which weighs 7ozs and is located in front of the motor. Maybe the weigh of the gps is keeping...
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    I really like this boat!!! Top speed on stock setup?

    I ran the Spartan a couple times the First week and it runs really nice!!! Binding the transmitter to receiver was easy to do. The steering was reversed not a big deal. Fast and easy fix with the...
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