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    Single Steering Servo Thread!!!

    Wanting advice and purchasing links on doing a single steering servo conversion. My traxxas servos quit working and are just browning out my BEC causing the truck to stop working while turning. I...
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    Telemetry in the Summit

    How many have the full telemetry set up in your summit? I do and was wondering if anyone else noticed that the speed is only calculated for 2nd gear, wouldn't it be nice if traxxas could add an...
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    I have broken in many many electric motors and...

    I have broken in many many electric motors and have done everything from installing and driving it hard, to putting it in water. I have found the best way is to get a product called com drops, it is...
  4. Speedo update needed for Summit two speed

    Does anybody else have telemetry on their summit and have the problem of the speed reading incorrectly?
    Second gear is the only gear ratio calculated in the app to show the correct speed. If you...
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