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  1. WTT Platinum edition slash for rally,mustang,or Emaxx?

    I've got a platinum edition slash with a few upgrade, kings head bearing mount, MIP's on the rear, aluminum a arms, esc fan, proline split sixes and trenchers. It has a spectrum DX3s tx with the...
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    I got it new, The truck is so awesome, I'm not...

    I got it new, The truck is so awesome, I'm not worried about the bad tires...I've read the stock tires won't last long on the street
    And I'm not excited about carrying this monster a half mile or so...
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    Just another tire and rim thread

    Just got a summit and this thing is totally awesome,
    After reading about it here, I had to have one. It's even better than I expected... But the tires are really
    Wobbly. Two are especially bad, one...
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