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  1. Revo 3.3 won't go to higher speeds

    My Revo won't go any faster then first gear. I pull the trigger half way and it runs fine, I pull any further nothing happens but the engine revs up and the truck will move as if it's still in first...
  2. Something broke idk what

    I pull the trigger half way it works fine but when I pull the trigger all the way nothing happens the engine revs up but no power to the wheels, I took the trans apart nothing wrong with it so now I...
  3. Replies

    Gravedigger revo 3.3

    HELP!!!! I already asked the support team here, and they told me they had no idea on how to do it.
    I would like to turn my REVO 3.3 into the Monster jam Gravedigger. I mean the wheels, the body, and...
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