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  1. T12 Brushed Motor Maintance, Clean & Lubricate

    Two newbie questions about motor maintenance.

    (A) Internet suggestions include submerging the T12 motor in water and running it slowly to clean it 1) before the initial run and 2) periodically...
  2. Thanks Mr. Neutron - That's what I expected but...

    Thanks Mr. Neutron - That's what I expected but there is so much emphasis on not overheating batteries I thought I'd get an expert's advice.
  3. Clear Battery Pak Covering - Packaging or Part of the Pak

    I am a Grandpa and Newbie all in one to Traxxas R/C.

    The battery packs that came with the Stampede XL-5 have a clear shrink-covering. Is that covering 1) packaging material (to be removed) or is...
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