1/16 erevo upgrades

  1. AKerevo
    Hey guys im up here in homer alaska and i have a 1/16 erevo and i love it but i was wondering what you guys have put on your erevos to make it look cool and to increase performance just looking to upgrade it and make it look nice
  2. E-RevoVXL
    For upgrades, start with RPM A-Arms and HR knuckles.
  3. 1badbasher
    Well i got the rpm revolver crawler short wheelbase tires on it on some proline dirt hawgs, looking foward to buying the traxxas lipos and the ford raptor body from pro line paint it all black and its one bad little monster :] i would upload a photo on my profile hope u check it out
  4. Remz3
    Dirt Hawg Tires and RPM A-Arms! My Wheelie bar and stiffer springs helped my car too!
  5. Beaz
    Definately what these guys are saying, mine: Steel balls and stiff springs, t-bone skid, RPM arms and bumpers, summit t-brace for bumper, to begin maybe -
    Then alu. front/ rear skids - for diffs. ummm...then the options are limitless.....mostly have fun. "Rit Dye" is cool.
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