Any regrets not getting the 4wd?

  1. made in Bacon
    If I thought about it more I think I woulda got the 4wd. I hate that as soon as I touch my lawn, my car goes 3mph. I just wanted to know if I was alone. I like the 2wd slash a lot but find myself wishing it had more wheels spinning.
  2. RCMayhem
    With a 4wd slash is goes slower on the road, and there is more moving pasts which means more to break, I am happy with my 2wd. :)
  3. Svpracer98
    Well I have put almost have the same $230 I paid for car into aluminum Upgrades... I could have purchased a 4x4 by now. But 2wd is a better car for uninterrupted driver input/ control (no tsm) and it does have less moving parts, thus less maintenence.
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