Street mods

  1. speedpede09
    Ill start off,
    Protrac arms, trx big bores, rpm gear cover, rpm front bumper fliped upside down for down force, jconcepts for raptor (more areo dynamic than my other pede bodies), and stock talons.
  2. stampede sam
    stampede sam
    Hey, im new to the forums and i dont know if this is in the right area but, my friend has an Electrix Ruckus and i obiously have a pede, and he got a new battery and i was looking around for some cheap speed mods like motors or spur gears. Anything would help! Thanks!
  3. Chrisfoster
    I got a capitians curse monster jam and put 3.8 desperadoes and proline roadrages on it because I mainly run on pavement I've been trying to find some on that also did this to ask about gear ratios because the wheels now are slitly taller and a lot wider and heavier with the titian it dosent want to wheeley any more but I put a ez run b5 combo in and I want to know if the stock well I have 23/90 in it now will that be good or can go taller since it's mainly for on road use I just want to go fast as Possible with the 8.5 turn 4200 kv brushless 100amp esc
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