Running what??

    Any big block Jato's out there?? I have a 3.3 with new era pocketed chassis, big block conversion, with Picco Evo-something, p4?? black block blue head, Traxxas cvd's, rpm arms, aluminum brake lever and pivot with single disc!!!! I have too much brake!!!! Jato Brakes are tooooo powerful!!!!!!! Anacondas: got 5 tanks on them and doing ok. Not claiming to have the fastest but I'm slowly sorting this thing out!! I have no wheelie bar, center rx pack, Rebuilt the trans w/ new stock gearset just colored the teeth with crayon, and trouble free . No mph claims but 2nd way over reving With the 20/40 revo set! So this is my post Lets talk fast.
  2. nitroholic 3.3.
    I'm new i do have a jato 3.3,not to many mods,some integy ,58T spur,16T bell,cv's and rpm front control arms .Can't wait till it warms up more here in PA,weather sucks.
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