1. oldbikedude
    I want Traxxas to make an E-JATO or a kit you can buy to make your nitro JATO an E-JATO.
  2. E-RevoVXL
    That would be cool, but that's what the Traxxas Rustler is for.
  3. oldbikedude
    Ya. but it would have an alu. chassis and the motor would be on the chassis and not on the back of the trans.
  4. E-RevoVXL
    Yeah, that would be cool, now that I think of it. The motor in the back of the Rustler VXL makes it wheelie a lot, though. Maybe if Traxxas could use the 1/8 Mamba Monster and put it in place of the TRX Engine on the Jato chassis... I'm thinking about 90+ MPH with that setup. Awesome!!
  5. oldbikedude
    Ya.... 8-)
  6. traxxasdude5
    dude totaly a good idea lol.
  7. eschmitt4
    they shud just make a conversion because it would be easy and its been done on youtube
  8. riley n
    riley n
    the biggest difference is only the trans
  9. riley n
    riley n
    also if you wanted a jato to a e jato all you need to do is take the fuel tank, exhaust , engine head and the easy start motor, throttle servo ,piston and sleeve, connecting rod ,easy start harness , carb that's all for removal. Now take a dremal and make a hole in the chassis so that you can put a strap through the hole to hold a battery down. Put a piece of metal down where the fuel tank was screw it down. Put your esc on top of the plate and take your electric motor of your choice in stall it where the easy start was. If you want you can you some thing over the holes (head, exhaust, carb). Hook the wires on the motor up to your esc that handles the motor hook the wire from the esc into channel 2 plug your battery (that is charged) into your esc and there you go go bash with that sucker.
  10. hobbyclassrc
    Not a bad idea riley......... but you could just take something like a stampede 4x4 and remove the front diff........ put rusty suspension arms and tires, jato body mounts, a jato body, and redo the gearing. It would be a lot similar. It is nice to have a motor in the middle of the chassis though. I like that setup, but it would be kind of uneccesary on a 2wd. The only reason they have that on a 2wd nitro is because you can't fit an engine behind the wheels. Not practically, at least.
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