Where's the Best Place That You've Ever Bashed?

  1. E-RevoVXL
    You don't need to give specific place, just like "the beach" or something like that.
  2. hav24wheel
    The skate park has been the most fun so far...

    and if there are a bunch of kids skating there at the time, they will usually be more than happy to flip it back in the tires for you!
  3. borgador17
    I usually bash in the street out in front of my house, or the empty parking lot next to my work.
  4. Grayson
    Probly the skate park or the bmx track, you could also use your back yard or street if you can make a ramp too.
  5. AKerevo
    my front and back yard in alaska with creeks mud and dirt
  6. davidemaxx
    my yard typically but i have a ramp on the concrete beside my house
  7. 1badbasher
    ive been to a freeway construction site it was AWSOME!!!
  8. 1badbasher
    by the way check out my youtube channel 1badbasher97 thanks!
  9. MooseSlash
    My backyard or my cousin's house/park.
  10. Beaz
    construction sites do rock - BMX tracks and bushwalking trails....
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