1. BanditTransit
    Welcome to the group. All other forum rules apply here, and don't start fights! They are bad! Other than that, have fun.
  2. Prof Gizmo
    New at this!! I have a Rustler XL-5 and I am thinking about putting in a Traxxas 3350X Velineon VXL-3S Brushless Power System. What battery should I get, so that I can get max performance, but not destroy my Rustler. There are so many different batteries out there with different amps. And I have read that if you get to big of a battery it could be bad. Please advise. Or is it even worth putting a Traxxas 3350X Velineon VXL-3S Brushless Power System in my Rustler? Please send specifics if you can. Thanks!
  3. The man11
    The man11
    If I was u id put some 2s spc lipos in i personally dont use lipos but I've heard good things bout spc
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