rustler problem

  1. the_Madness
    I received my rustler vxl about a month ago. I noticed that whenever the battery gets low on charge and I pull the throttle, when my rustler is at a complete stop, it doesn't move and the esc makes a beeping sound. But when I give it a little push and pull the throttle, it goes then. I made sure that the low-voltage detection is turned off for NiMH batteries and I reprogrammed everything. I sent both the esc and motor back to Traxxas and they sent me back a brand new motor and esc. I installed them and it still does it, a little bit.

    Does anybody have a clue what's wrong or had this same problem? Please help me
  2. traxxasdude5
    I have never had this problem but it could be the reciver
  3. Empty wallet
    Empty wallet
    put on low voltage detection oh and keep checking moter and esc temps vxl motors and esc get super hot
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