1/16 e-maxx

  1. weswins
    There was a quick thread about this earlier but I think this would be the best place for it.
  2. E-RevoVXL
    Jetlag2222 made a Mini Max out of a Stampede 4x4 VXL.
  3. traxxasdude5
    i dont know if it would work because thay would have make a new power system to be fast.
  4. E-RevoVXL
    Nah, they could use the mini VXL system like in the other 1/16 models.
  5. eschmitt4
    would like to see one with a flat chassis platform, duel shocks, double a-arms like emaxx3905, mini vxl system, only hard thing about it is it would most likely have to be 4wd because when i took the drive shaft out of my merv to make it 2wd, it was very uncontrolable.
  6. hobbyclassrc
    That would be sick. Great idea!
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