Oil for the stock shocks that come with the Traxxas Slash 2wd!!

  1. fatbear13
    Just looking for a answer! what weight oil comes in the shocks stock?????? and any suggestions for changing the weight or just keep it the same. How often do u have add oil or replace the oil in the stock shocks???? looking for some help because I have no clue, but would like to learn. Thanks and hope I hear from somebody!!!
  2. stevieman16
    40 weight oil front and back
  3. wildbet04
    I just got a two wheel drive slash with the xl. in it changed it to vxl. any up grades for the rear axels just ripped one out at the end closes to the wheel?
  4. kyoung631
    if your truck is model #5802/5805, you can go with the ST Racing Concepts Heat Treated Steel Driveshaft Kit
  5. f687s
    what about 5803
  6. neewo456
    I have the 5803 and it has 25wt oil in all four shocks I personally would immediately upgrade to thicker oil I upgraded the week I got it all the way up to 45wt.
  7. neewo456
    the 5803 has brushed motor so I don't think you will be needing upgraded dv's if you had the vxl it might be a problem
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