revo burning glow plugs

  1. onroadrevo
    hello I am new to the forum. don't know if I am posting in the right section or not, but I am having an issue with my revo.
    I have tried searching for answers and am coming up short on a solution.
    the problem is.....
    if im running my truck all is fine if I kill the engine myself when I am done with it. if I run it out of gas the glow plug burns out EVERYTIME. this is getting ridiculous. I don't know if the problem is in my tuning or my set up. I am currently running 15/40 with canyon a/t tires. no weight reduction or any mods to the car itself so it is a bit long geared to keep the wheels down. I am currently running a 3.3 with ported sleave, shimless, and crank modded. but im thinking my port os not the issue since this was a replacement motor (the old engine whick I still have) did the same thing.
    anyone know what I should do?
  2. Pink Mustard
    Strange. I've never had that problem, my Revo's 2 yrs old and that has never happened. You should probably call traxxas and see if they can help or give you a new engine and a bunch of glow plugs they might not but its worth a try
  3. Ridebonfire
    I haven't ever ran out of gas. I am about 3/4 gallon of 20% fuel and I am on my 3rd glow plug. The second one died 3 tanks after I installed it.
  4. ford raptor 1
    Are you using the ez start? because mine broke twice so what I recommend is get a glow lighter and dich the ez start glow lighter.
  5. Jordan13
    thsts weird mine never does that. I'd defiantly call traxxas they could probably give u a soultion
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