Best upgrade

  1. CBD55
    Whats the best upgrade you have ever made? For me its gotta be brushless. I did the trade in and got the Velineon combo. Once I had that, it made my stampede drive like a different truck, and made the fun start all over again.
  2. Tanner98
    What Velineon motor did you get?
  3. Shadow_summit757
    Brushless or Lipos
  4. Tanner98
    I have a Velineon 3500 and a 5000mah 8.4v nimh.
  5. pede98
    My best upgrade had to have been going from the xl-5 to a castle sct combo... That combined with lipo power marks #1 on my charts!!!! another one was upgrading from 2056 servo to 2075(HUGE difference)...
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