How about a 1/10 scale 4wd buggy?

  1. 1badbasher
    Think about it.. They haven't made a buggy in a while and instead of using there slash chassis again they can reinvent a new one and have it be a game changer again... Or they should make an aluminum chassis!! It could be electric or nitro it doesn't matter to me..
  2. Badgerking
    They should make on that looks like the buggy in thier game app traxxas short course shootout (good game actually pretty fun)
  3. hobbyclassrc
    1st - you can easily convert any Traxxas vehicle to a buggy look, although a race inspired 4x4 would be awesome. Great idea 1badbasher.

    2nd - I'm pretty sure there already is a short course buggy in Traxxas Short Course Shootout
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