e-z start

  1. d.jossund
    I hooked up my battery, turned on the remote, and pressed the e-z start. The light turned green. I pulled the trigger and it did not move. I pulled the trigger half way, and the light went off. I let go, and It turns back on. When I pull full throttle, the light turns on. Right in the middle it goes off. HOW CAN I FIX THIS!!!!!!
  2. slasher 555
    Is your truck new? Do you have the XL-5 ESC?
  3. e-revo
    that happened with my e max
  4. e-revo
    take it to a hobby shop
  5. mike t maxx 3.3
    mike t maxx 3.3
    so is it a gas truck or a what's your truck I'm not too sure on your post so and I didn't get what is wrong with review start the light turns on when you try to start your car the motor y and the glow plug light should be on when you go to start your car and then if one of them goes out there something wrong
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