wich 1 16 to buy.

  1. e-revo
    So I don't know which 1 16 to buy I live at a golf course with a large pond with all fore seasons.
  2. Beaz
    I have an e-revo, so that's what I like best, although I do hybridise it into a semi-summit custom bashing beast alot. My advice - research, sorry.

    she's clean, not complete. A true Transformer.
  3. erevoking202020
    I would suggest a e revo because you can convert it into summit like I am. Than it will look like a mini summit but have sipped of a e revo
  4. MrTraxxasSlashUltimate
    It depends. If you have the rough terrain and rocks and woods to challenge the summit 1/16 vxl, then get that. If you have nothing really to challenge it with or have a skatepark near by, go with the e revo 1/16. If you live near a local track, get a 1/16 slash vxl brushless 2wd or 4x4.
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