Slayer pro 3.3

  1. BomberSTi
    Would like to see more upgrades for the slayer pro! want to be able to upgrade after stock parts break. Instead of putting orignal on just for it to break again and again.
  2. eschmitt4
    ya, they shud do more with the slayer, execpt it wasnt much of a sucess
  3. BomberSTi
    i don't know why not. i love my slayer pro! you can do pretty much anything with it. my friends got the extended tmaxx 3.3 and i can go bout every place he goes. just saving up now to get a picco .26 maxx red dot or .32 and new cv shafts and metal gears for the tranny.
  4. hobbyclassrc
    Try some Revo parts..... it's the same platform
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