Traxxas TQi Compatibility Guide

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Traxxas TQi Compatibility Guide
Transmitter and receiver compatibility varies with each Traxxas 2.4GHz radio system. Find your transmitter below to see which receivers it is compatible with.

TQi 2.4GHz Compatible Receivers
The TQi features a new 5-channel, telemetry-enabled micro receiver, item no. 6518. This receiver is included with all Traxxas models that include the TQi, and is included with the TQi when you buy the system separately.  2218X receiver can also be used with the TQi. However, it does not support telemetry.

Third-Generation TQ2.4GHz Transmitter and Receive
The latest TQ2.4GHz transmitter features the same case styling as the TQi, and is identified by the red TQ logo. This transmitter includes the #6519 receiver. This receiver can also be used with all TQi transmitters, but the receiver does not support the transmitter's telemetry or model memory capabilities. 

Legacy 2.4GHz Transmitters and Receivers
The original "gray case" Traxxas 2.4GHz transmitter and #2217 receiver are only compatible with each other, and may not be used with the newer #2218X and #6518 receivers. If you have this system, you can trade up to the latest telemetry-ready TQi technology at a discounted price by using the Power-Up Program. Click here for more details!

Adding Telemetry to Your Traxxas Model
Telemetry is the ability to gather performance data from your vehicle remotely. The Traxxas TQi transmitter can be accessorized to deliver live telemetry, enabling you to see motor/engine rpm, temperature, speed, and battery voltage as you drive. This data is displayed on the Traxxas Link dashboard and can be recorded for playback later, since you'll need to keep your eyes on the road as you drive! 

To enable telemetry in your model, you will need a TQi transmitter and #6518 receiver (this is the receiver included with the TQi, and installed in any vehicle that includes the TQi). You will also need the #6510 Docking Base, an iPhone or iPod touch (2nd generation or later), and the Traxxas Link application (free from the Apple App store). 

The final items you will need are the correct sensors for your model. Receiver voltage can be read directly from the receiver, without a separate sensor, or you can add the #6541 or 6543 Power Taps to read the actual battery voltage of your electric model. To monitor motor or engine RPM, Traxxas offers a variety of spur gears and flywheels equipped with a magnet to trip an RPM sensor. The RPM sensor is installed in the gear cover or motor mount, and Traxxas offers "sensor ready" gear covers and motor mounts to make sensor installation simple. Temperature sensors are also available, as well as a GPS module to collect GPS-measured speed data. The #6518 receiver accepts temperature, RPM, and voltage sensors. To install additional sensors, the #6550 Telemetry Expander Module can be added to the model. 

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