Slipper Clutch Adjustment

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SLIPPER CLUTCH ADJUSTMENT Some models are equipped with an adjustable slipper clutch which is built into the large spur gear. The purpose of the slipper clutch is to regulate the amount of power sent to the rear wheels to prevent tire spin. Think of it as adjustable traction control. The Slipper also helps prevent damage to gears and driveshafts by reducing the shock loads transmitted to the drivetrain in situations such as landing from a large jump with the throttle held wide open. If the slipper clutch is set too loose, the model will appear sluggish. For example, a loose slipper clutch will cause a model such as the E-Maxx not to wheelie from a standing start. If the slipper is used with a loose setting for extended periods, the spur gear could melt. For nitro models and monster trucks (excluding Revo), tighten the slipper nut until it stops then back it off 1/4 turn. On Electric models (excluding E-Maxx) Adjust the slipper clutch so that you can hear it slip for approximately 2 feet from a standing, full-throttle start. See slipper adjustment link below.Slipper clutch (T-MAXX)Nitro StampedeNitro RustlerRevoJato  Show me:How to adjust the slipper clutch

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