Rod End and Hollow Ball Connector Maintenance

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Rod End and Hollow Ball Connector Maintenance

You should inspect the rod ends that are threaded to the steering tie rods occasionally for signs of wear. Dirt and road grime could get lodged between the hollow ball connectors and rod ends, which can prevent the hollow ball connectors from pivoting smoothly. Dirty rod ends and hollow ball connectors can be a potential source of suspension binding and could place unnecessary strain on the steering servo.

Conversely, a worn out rod end can cause play between the hollow ball connector and rod end, which contributes to unnecessary slop in the steering system. Traxxas offers a rod end/ball connector set (Part #1942) that includes 16 long and 4 short rod ends and 18 hollow ball connectors. it's a good idea to have these parts in your toolbox.

Sometimes you can fix a binding rod end/hollow ball connector by applying a slight amount of pressure on the sides of the molded rod end with a pair of pliers. Don't use too much pressure when tightening the ball connector or the binding problem could get worse.

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