Restoring Factory Default Settings

Article #91962


How to Restore Factory Default Settings

Set all trim levels on the transmitter to zero before performing the reset.
Use the following procedure to return the transmitter to its default settings.

  1. With the transmitter powered off, move both sticks to the upper left position and hold, then power on the transmitter and release the sticks (Bring the throttle stick back to the middle position).
  2. Move the left stick to full travel in each direction (full left, full right, full forward, full back), holding the stick in each direction for one second. Repeat this procedure with the right stick.
  3. Place the throttle stick in the full down (throttle off) position and then press and hold any trim button to complete the reset. The red LED will begin blinking when the reset is complete.
  4. Turn the helicopter on, confirm the control directions, and fly.

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