Nitro or Electric Power?

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Should I buy an electric or nitro car/truck/boat?

For children sixteen and under and for drivers experiencing a performance radio controlled vehicle for the first time, we recommend that they start off with a ‘Skill Level 1’ electric model that's powered by rechargeable batteries. Electric models are the simplest to operate and maintain. They are clean, quiet, and very easy to drive. This gives new drivers an opportunity to explore the operation of the vehicle and improve their driving skills without the more advanced challenges of engine tuning and high speed that come with a nitro-powered model. Kids can learn to use them and have fun with only minimal adult supervision.
Older teens and guys with a strong mechanical curiosity may want to go straight for the pure power and adrenaline rush of a nitro model. A ‘Skill level 2’ or ‘Skill Level 3’ nitro model is a good starting point. Nitro models have 2.5cc two-stroke engines powered by fuel that's made of alcohol and nitromethane (racing fuel). These engines are similar to what you might have on a gas-powered weed trimmer only they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The sound of the engine, the smell of the exhaust, and the unbelievable speed and acceleration are truly satisfying for the guy who is a gearhead at heart. For more information about Traxxas skill levels, click here.
Traxxas Nitro models are designed with the first-time enthusiast in mind. The engines are equipped with our exclusive EZ-Start® push-button electric starting. They include an instructional DVD that will have you talking and tuning like a pro in no time. Plus, our toll-free customer support is here until 9pm on weekdays to answer any questions. Children in their teens can use Nitro powered models so long as there is an interested adult there to supervise and help them to understand the dynamics of the model. It's a great thing for dads and sons to do together.
All models are fully assembled and Ready-To-Race®. The bodies are fully-painted and trimmed. The radio systems are installed and adjusted. What this means is that there is no complicated assembly required or messy painting to deal with. Just take them out of the box, charge or install the batteries, peel and stick a few decals (we leave the final decoration choices up to the owner!) and you're ready to go. Some models do require an additional step of gluing the tires and nitro models must be fueled and primed (easy!). Your hobby dealer can help you get set up with the support equipment and accessories you will need to get going.

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