How To - Replace Clutch Shoes

Article #50403


If the clutch shoes are excessively worn, the model will feel sluggish due to slippage in the engine clutch. The engine clutch can be damaged when the model becomes stuck and the operator continues to rev the engine trying to free the model. The heat from the slippage causes the clutch spring to weaken and expand allowing the shoes to dig into the metal clutch bell. Remove the metal clutch bell gear to examine the clutch shoes. If necessary, replace the shoes. Always use a new clutch shoe spring with new shoes.

On T-Maxx and Nitro Stampede, the engine will need to be removed. On Nitro 4-Tec and Nitro 4-Tec Pro, Nitro Rustler, and Nitro Sport, the engine can stay in the model.

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