How To - Glue Tires To Wheels

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Glue the tires to the wheels

Thoroughly clean the tire bead and the wheel to remove any chemicals or oils that can keep the glue from bonding to the surfaces.  Use a mild liquid dishwashing detergent or a window cleaner so that you do not damage the chrome finish.  Allow the wheels and tires to dry completely.  Glue the tires to the wheels by pulling the tire back from the rim and applying Ultra Premium Tire Glue to the tire bead. Apply the glue at several points around the tire until it is secured to the wheel. Allow the glue to cure before driving the model.

Important! Wear safety glasses or other eye protection when gluing tires to keep the glue from accidentally spattering into your eyes. Eyes are important, so don't take a shortcut with your safety.

Nitro Rustler/Nitro Sport
Nitro 4-Tec

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