Hobby Shop Purchase vs. Mail Order

Article #23105

Why do you keep saying to buy from a hobby shop? Isn't mail order cheaper?

Initially, the price of the model may be $5 or $10 dollars cheaper than at your local hobby shop. This is because mail order does not typically offer any service or set up advice. If you're just getting started in this hobby, you need the experience and advice of the local shop to help you purchase the right vehicle for your needs and budget. Also the shop owner will help you get your model set up, and make sure that you have all the accessories you need to run. It's a real let down to order something mail order, pay extra for fast shipping, and then have to wait longer for some accessory you didn't know you needed. It's definitely worth the very small extra cost to have a relationship with a helpful shop owner, especially if your purchasing a nitro product for the first time.

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