Exhaust damage

Article #10219

  1. Boat is not in the water
    Put boat in the water for proper cooling of engine and exhaust system
  2. Carburetor incorrectly adjusted
    Readjust carburetor to factory break-in settings
  3. Low-speed fuel mixture is too lean
    Richen the low-speed mixture
  4. High-speed fuel mixture is too lean
    Richen the high-speed mixture
  5. Leaking glow plug gasket
    Check glow plug gasket/ tighten glow plug
  6. Improper fuel type or nitro content
    Use only recommended fuel for airplane and boats. Do not use car fuel.
  7. Running boat with drivers (engine access cover) installed
    Remove the drivers (engine access cover) before running the boat
  8. Inadequate air flowing through hull
    Cut vents in rear of top deck
  9. Boat is not going fast enough to pick up water (must be on plane)
    Increase throttle until boat planes out.

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