Engine starts and then stalls (Nitro Vee)

Article #10218

  1. Glow plug fouled or weak
    Check for solid red light when EZ-Start® button is pressed. No light indicates a completely shorted plug. Replace with Traxxas 3230 or 3231 glow plugs
  2. Carburetor incorrectly adjusted
    Readjust carburetor to factory break-in settings
  3. Idle speed set too low
    Increase idle speed
  4. Low-speed mixture misadjusted
    Fine tune the low speed mixture adjustment
  5. Air bubble in fuel line
    Prime the engine to force air through/ Check for pinhole leaks in the fuel line
  6. Fuel flow blocked
    Check that all fuel lines are clear with no pinhole leaks. Check for dirt blockage in the carburetor fuel inlet and high speed needle seat/ Install inline fuel filter.
  7. Insufficient fuel tank pressure
    Replace the pressure hose (between pipe and fuel tank)/ clear blockage in the tuned pipe hose fitting/ check flow to and from tank/ Check seal on fuel tank cap
  8. Engine excessively worn
    Repair or replace engine
  9. Incorrect fuel
    Use airplane fuel with 10 to 15% nitro, 16 to 18% oil. No sinthetics only blends.
  10. Roller clutch bearing seized to starter shaft
    Remove and clean or replace the roller clutch bearing.

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