Binding the Transmitter to the QR-1 Helicopter

Article #91964

  How to Bind the Transmitter to the QR-1 Helicopter Switch the tansmitter on. Move the throttle stick to the full down position (throttle off) and then slide the power switch up to the ON position. Observe the battery level indicator on the LCD screen; five segments should be displayed. Replace the batteries when only one segment is displayed Do not fly the model with low transmitter batteries or loss of control may result. Power on the model. Make certain the transmitter's throttle stick is in the full down position (throttle off). Place the model on a smooth, flat surface and connect the battery to the model. The model is now powered on. Tuck the connector and wires into the rear of the model to prevent contact with the rear rotor blades. Do not operate the controls of move the model. This will allow the model to confirm its neutral position for stable flight. The transmitter will emit a tone to indicate that binding is complete. When the red LED on the transmitter and the blue LEDs on the helicopter are all solid (not blinking), the helicopter is ready to fly.

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