Adjust wheel alignment Toe-in

Article #10225

Set the steering trim on the transmitter to neutral. Now adjust your steering turnbuckles so that both wheels are pointing straight ahead and are parallel to each other (0 degrees toe-in). This will ensure the same amount of steering in both directions. Camber: The Rustler features fixed camber links, which means that front and rear camber adjustment is not possible. If you install the optional 54mm front (Part# 1937) tie rods and 72mm rear (Part# 2335) tie rods and the necessary rod ends/hollow ball connectors (Part# 2742), front and rear camber adjustment will then be possible.

If you have installed the adjustable camber links then it is important that you set the front and rear camber properly to insure balanced handling and long tire life. Use a camber gauge, a square or a right angle triangle to set the camber angle properly. Adjust the front and rear camber angles so that the wheels have 2-degrees of negative camber. This is basically the factory setting, but you'll now be able to make subtle camber adjustments to suit changing track conditions.

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