Adjust Wheel Alignment

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Toe In

The model is supplied with soft compound, race quality tires. Due to the high power output of the engine/motor and the high performance nature of the tires, suspension alignment is critical to achieving maximum tire life. Proper alignment promotes even and consistent tire wear as well as predictable and balanced handling. Set the steering trim on the transmitter to neutral. Now adjust your steering turnbuckles so that both wheels are pointing straight ahead and are parallel to each other (0 degrees toe-in). This will ensure the same amount of steering in both directions.


The camber angle of both the front and rear wheels can be adjusted with the camber rods (upper turnbuckles). Use a square or right-angle triangle to set the camber accurately. Adjust the front wheels to 0 degrees of camber (wheel is perpendicular to the ground). In the rear adjust the wheels to 1 to 2 degrees of negative camber. These adjustments should be set with the car positioned at its normal ride height.

The following information gives recommended stock alignment settings for the nitro 4-Tec with the stock tires and inserts.

  • Front Camber Degrees:-1.0
  • Rear Camber Degrees: -1.0
  • Front Caster Degrees:12.0
  • Front Toe-In Degrees: 0.0

*This setting is achieved by having the 1mm caster spacer in the front and the 2mm caster spacer in the rear (where the upper suspension arm attaches to the upper suspension arm mount).

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