Traxxas Drivers Take 4 Wins, 7 Podiums
at The Big House!

Just as it was during June's Brush Run races, rain was once again a factor at Crandon International Raceway for Rounds 9 & 10 of the TORC Series. This time, the indomitable Crandon fans got three days of wet and dry racing action as Traxxas drivers went on to claim four wins at the hands of Andrew Caddell, Jeff Kincaid, and CJ Greaves among a total of seven podium finishes including Mark Jenkins second-place finish in Pro 4X4. Here's how it all went down at The Big House!

Pro 4X4
Sunday’s Pro 4X4 race inverted the top six of Saturday’s finishing order, putting Mark Jenkins’ no. 25 Traxxas machine up front for the land-rush start. Mark took the holeshot with Adrien Cenni close behind, but after winning the Round 4 makeup race and Round 9 on Saturday, Cenni was simply unstoppable and overtook Mark by the end of the first lap. Mark fell farther back with a flat tire, then broke for the hot pit at the mid-race competition yellow for fresh rubber leaving brother Mike Jenkins to represent Traxxas in the top five of Pro 4X4. As the green flag restarted the race, Mark rejoined the action just in time to make the lead lap. Rain began to fall as the race went back to green, and multi-truck contact in the gravel pit turn shook up the running order. Johnny Greaves moved into second, followed by Scott Douglas in third and the Traxxas machines of Mike and Mark Jenkins. Greaves soon pulled off with damage, moving Mike and Mark each up a spot into third and fourth. Brothers but still competitors, Mark Jenkins held nothing back in pursuit of Mike. With "rubbin’s-racin’"contact, Mark overtook Mike to move into third through the left turn after the finish line. In the next turn, Douglas’ Pro 4X4 began to smoke! By the time the trucks returned to view after disappearing into the Argonne loop, Douglas was out and Mark and Mike Jenkins were both in podium position behind Cenni as the track conditions continued to deteriorate. With one lap to go, there was less traction than a go-kart slick track and mud was flying. Out of tear-offs and forced to drive with his visor up, Mike Jenkins took an eyeful of mud as Steve Barlow tried to overtake him. Driving blind, Mike fell out of podium contention but Mark motored on to second place in a thrilling finale to a wild round of Pro 4X4.

Pro 2WD
After a long rain delay, the Pro 2WD trucks were finally turned loose on the very muddy raceway as rain continued to fall. By the end of the first lap, the trucks were nearly indistinguishable from one another—just masses of mud on four wheels. Scott Taylor took the holeshot and used the advantage of the roost-free view to lead most of the race. Marty Hart raced in second until he slid off the track, allowing Bryce Menzies to move into the vacated position. Meanwhile, Jeff Kincaid raced steadily through the field to put his Traxxas Pro 2WD into third behind Menzies, and ultimately second as Taylor went off-track, another victim of the nearly tractionless racing surface. Jeff slogged through the muck in second place all the way to the final lap, but in a cruel bit of bad luck, he spun in the final turn just before the finish line, giving second to Mike Oberg with Rob MacCachren taking the final spot on the podium. A tough finish for the no. 4 Traxxas Pro 2WD, but with the Chairman’s Cup win on Friday, it was still a successful TORC weekend for Jeff Kincaid.

Traxxas Pro Light
Andrew Caddell settled into fifth place at the start of Round 10 and quickly moved into fourth behind leaders Brian Deegan, RJ Anderson, and 2010 champ Casey Currie. Caddell lined up on Currie’s bumper and remained in fourth through the competition yellow, but did not have to work hard for a pass after the restart as Currie threw away his position when he slid high into the fluff on the 180-degree “gravel pit” turn. Now racing in third, Caddell soon picked off Anderson to move into second and settled into a groove behind Deegan. When the checkers came out, Deegan took the win and the $1000 Maxx Lap award for fastest lap, Caddell earned second place, and Brad Lovell took third. All three drivers also enjoyed Traxxas Pro Light payouts: $5000 for first, $2,500 for second, and $1,500 for third. With back-to-back wins on Friday and Saturday and second place on Sunday, Caddell remaims firmly in place at number-one in Traxxas Pro Light points.

Super Buggy
Scott Schwalbe skillfully held off Traxxas driver CJ Greaves throughout the first half of the Super Buggy race, but one slightly less-than-optimum line around the timing shack hairpin was all CJ needed to move his no. 33 Traxxas buggy into the lead. From there, Greaves drove flawlessly through the competition yellow and on to the finish to take his second podium of the weekend and a further extend his Super Buggy points lead.

Traxxas would like to thank everyone who came out to Crandon International Raceway and stayed through the rain—you truly are the greatest fans in off-racing! TORC action returns September 14 & 15 when The Off-Road Championship comes to “Chicagoland’s” Route 66 Raceway. As always, you can follow the action here at!