TORC Crandon Qualifying: CJ Greaves
TQ in Traxxas Pro Light

Great weather, excellent track conditions and an upbeat, "We're back at the Big House!" vibe made everyone at Crandon glad to be racing among the green hills of Wisconsin once again. Qualifying is in the can, with the strongest showings for Traxxas racers coming from CJ Greaves and Andrew Caddell in the Traxxas Pro Light class as CJ took the pole and Andrew Caddell earned third position on the land-rush starting line. In Pro 4X4 action, both Mike and Mark Jenkins suffered mechanical troubles that kept them from putting in solid ten-tenths runs, but you can count on the Jenkins Brothers Racing team to have their Traxxas machines operating at peak performance for the weekend's Pro 4X4 events and the 4WD-versus-2WD showdown that is the Chairman's Cup race. In addition to the Traxxas Pro 4X4 trucks,  Jenkins Brothers Racing is supporting Mopar/Ram team drivers Samuel Hubinette  in Pro Light and Rob MacCachren in Pro 2WD. Round 1 and 2 winner Hubinette qualified in the top 5, and MacCachren qualified second. More to come tomorrow!



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