Understanding R/C Batteries and Chargers

The 6-cell battery (top) puts out 7.2 volts; the 7-cell pack adds one more cell for a total of 8.4 volts.

RC cars use specialized rechargeable battery packs. The important things to consider in a battery are its voltage and capacity. Sounds high-tech, but it’s simple:

Voltage: The more voltage a battery has, the faster your car will go. The most popular batteries use 6 cells and have 7.2 volts. To increase voltage, you can select a battery with more cells, such as a 7-cell pack, which has 8.4 volts.

Battery capacity determines run time; the greater the capacity, the longer your model will run. The larger the number, the higher the capacity.

Capacity: This refers to the amount of energy the pack can store—more capacity means longer run time. Capacity is measured in milliamp-hours (mAh); the greater the mAh, the longer your model will run. Traxxas makes choosing a battery simple by offering high-capacity Series 3 (3300+mAh) battery packs, and premium high-capacity Series 4 (4200+mAh) battery packs.

Chargers for RC Batteries
Traxxas models powered by dual batteries include two powerful 7-cell batteries and require a charger. Single-battery models include a 7-cell battery and overnight charger. For faster charging (under an hour with most batteries), use a peak-detecting charger such as the Traxxas EZ-Peak. A peak-detecting charger will detect when the battery has reached maximum capacity, and automatically stop charging.