Traxxas Power Cell AAA Alkaline Batteries

Power Cell Alkaline batteries are the only alkaline cells certified to deliver maximum life and performance in Traxxas products. Count on reliable, long-lasting power for the DR-1 and QR-1 helicopter transmitters, or any of your AAA-powered electronic devices at home. Traxxas Power Cell alkaline batteries are sold in convenient four-cell packages and are manufactured to the high standards of all Traxxas products. They're the only alkaline batteries that are made by Traxxas, for Traxxas. Complete your Traxxas model with genuine Power Cell Alkaline batteries for peak performance and long-lasting fun.



                                  Traxxas Power Cell AAA Features

  • Unique Traxxas graphics
  • Traxxas Certified for high power and long life
  • Unique Traxxas graphics
  • Perfect for Traxxas DR-1 and QR-1 helicopter transmitters
  • Premium performance for household electronics


MODEL 2911: Traxxas Power Cell AAA Alkaline Battery (4)