A Monster for the Track™—Now with
TRX® 3.3 Power!

The Traxxas S-Maxx® 3.3 is a Maxx-sized stadium truck that is designed for the track. Right out of the box, it adds true racing performance to the incredible Maxx family of trucks. Stadium Maxx is track-ready with a sleek fastback body, SportTraxx™ racing tires, lightweight chrome wheels, and scalding 45+ mph performance. The forward-only, autoshifting, two-speed transmission and the class-leading horsepower of the TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine deliver quick, high-revving acceleration. Efficient rear wheel drive provides true "hang it out" driving excitement.


45+ mph
The S-Maxx 3.3 utilizes an adjustable two speed transmission to maximize top speed with the high rpm output of the TRX 3.3 Racing Engine.

All-Out Racing Body
S-Maxx 3.3 has a sleek fastback body that provides easy access for starting and refueling. The body is already trimmed and the brilliant graphics are prepainted. Extra durability has been built in for the track.  


Constant Drive Engagement
S-Maxx 3.3 has super-responsive acceleration thanks to the transmission's constant drive engagement. It's locked in and Ready-To-Race®.  

SportTraxx™ tires
 SportTraxx racing tires offer incredible grip, plus they are pre-glued and mounted on lightweight chrome wheels. SportTraxx tires feature an advanced directional and asymmetrical tread design that maximizes traction on a variety of surfaces.

  • Tech look with gray parts:
    - Battery box, skid plates, shock bodies and lower chassis braces.
  • Strengthened front bulkhead.
  • Strengthened differential housing.
  • Strengthened engine mount.
  • Receiver box with blue-anodized aluminum crimp nut.
  • Improved adjustable body-mounts.
  • Rubber-sealed ball bearings.

MODEL 5109: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®,
with TQ™ radio and TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine.