Waterproof MXL-6s Power System
This heavy-duty setup includes a 2200kV motor for full 6S LiPo (25.2 volts max) combatibility, which gives E-Maxx the ability to exceed 65mph with wheel-lifting torque and brutally quick acceleration. The MXL-6s controller features a cooling fan and heavy-duty construction with oversized 6.5mm connectors to eliminate "thermaling," and the motor uses a 5mm rotor shaft for added durability. It's all waterproof for no-worry fun in wet conditions that send other trucks running for cover!



The World's Most Advanced Ready-To-Race® Radio System Now Connects Wirelessly to the Traxxas Link App

The Traxxas TQi paired with the Traxxas Link app is the most advanced, feature-rich, Ready-to-Race® radio system available. Now, TQi connects wirelessly to the latest Traxxas Link app for the ultimate in ease-of-use and control. The TQi radio system can be equipped with the Traxxas Link Wireless Module to unlock exciting features such as instant Bluetooth® connectivity; access to the full range of powerful TQi tuning and telemetry tools through an intuitive high-definition graphical interface; and the ability to have a friend remotely monitor real-time telemetry while you focus on mashing the throttle. Your co-driver can even make adjustments for you, remotely, while you drive. No other radio system can do that. Just like the speed and performance Traxxas engineers into the vehicles, the power and capability of TQi and Traxxas Link expands your fun into all-new territory. Only from Traxxas, The Fastest Name in Radio Control®. Learn more about the new Traxxas TQi Radio System here.


Factory-Equipped Real-Time Telemetry
E-Revo Brushless Edition includes factory-installed telemetry sensors enabling Traxxas Link to collect and records real-time telemetry data as you drive. The Traxxas Link dashboard comes to life showing you speed, battery voltage, RPM, and temperature. The application automatically detects and recognizes Traxxas Link sensors for easy set up and configuration. The dashboard is fully customizable with either dial or digital readout gauges. Up to nine gauges can be displayed at once. Set threshold warnings and log maximums, minimums, or averages. Use the recording function to document your dashboard view, with sound, so that you can keep your eyes on your driving and not miss a single apex. If you forget to record, simply touch Instant Replay anytime to capture the previous minute of fun and unexpected triumphs. The recordings can be named, saved, and shared with others.




Intuitive iPhone and iPod touch Interface
Traxxas Link makes it easy to learn, understand, and access the powerful tuning options built into every Traxxas TQi radio system. Control your Drive Effects settings such as steering and throttle sensitivity; steering percentage; braking strength; and throttle trim by simply touching and dragging the sliders on the screen, or enabling the Multi-Function knob on the transmitter. Everything happens live, on-the-fly, giving you instant feedback on your changes.



5-channel Micro Receiver with Fail-Safe Security 
The TQi 2.4GHz micro receiver fits easily into any vehicle, and features dual channel-1 outputs for easy installation in vehicles with dual steering servos—no Y-harness necessary! The integrated LINK button makes it fast and easy to bind the receiver, and the two-color LED indicates power-on and bind status for fool-proof control and convenience. Traxxas Link Model Memory allows the receiver to recognize up to thirty TQi 2.4Ghz Traxxas Link enabled transmitters—just switch on and drive. In the event of signal loss due to an accidental switch-off or depleted batteries, the receiver will automatically return the throttle to neutral and hold the last commanded steering position. The Fail Safe programming is built-in and does not need to be set or activated. Three telemetry ports are incorporated in the 5-channel receiver to allow real-time data to be transmitted from your Traxxas model to the TQi transmitter.


Traxxas Power Cell Batteries Included!
E-Maxx Brushless Edition includes two genuine Power Cell Battery Packs to make sure you experience all the performance that's been engineered into your Traxxas model. Power Cell packs are optimized for free-flowing power and maximum punch with premium quality, low-resistance cells; flexible, silicone-jacketed 12-gauge wire; heavy-duty welded tabs; and Traxxas' high-output, gold plated, patented, high-current connectors. Seven cell packs give E-Maxx Brushless Edition 16.8 volts of motivation for maximum speed, and precision assembly with attractive, individually wrapped cells and clear overwrap complete the Traxxas Power Cell package.


Traxxas High-Current Connectors
The MXL-6s Brushless Power System comes equipped with two new patented Traxxas High-Current Connectors. Designed to handle high-current applications, Traxxas Connectors effortlessly funnel the dual battery's total power to the electronics keeping things running cool and at full capacity. For more info about the patented Traxxas High-Current Connector click here.


Heavy-Duty 17mm Hex Hubs
E-Maxx Brushless Edition's 17mm splined aluminum hex hubs make certain its considerable horsepower is delivered directly to the treads. The splined design is extra strong with unsurpassed torque handling to resist twist-out no matter how hard the 2200Kv motor pulls at the tires.


Massive 6.3" Maxx® Tires
Extreme Brushless Power goes wasted if the tires can't put the power to the ground. E-Maxx Brushless Edition has it covered with some of the toughest treads in Traxxas' arsenal, the aggressive Maxx tires used on the hard-hitting Revo 3.3 and T-Maxx 3.3. These massive meats offer tenacious grip, and their huge footprint gives E-Maxx greater stability and generous ground clearance for all-terrain fun. The tires are securely mounted to Split-Spoke wheels, now covered in sinister black chrome as part of the exclusive Brushless Edition look.


Adjustable Wheelie Bar
To handle extreme brushless power, the adjustable Traxxas wheelie bar is mandatory equipment for the E-Maxx Brushless Edition! Four snap-in adjustment positions allow you to choose how extreme you want your wheelie action to be. In the down position, it keeps the front end planted to show off E-Maxx's incredible acceleration. Raise the wheelie bar to its full-up position and the action gets wild, with giant wheelies that hang on as long as you keep mashing the throttle! The wheelie bar's unique design allows it to be easily removed in situations where you may not want the additional control.


ProGraphix® Body
E-Maxx Brushless Edition has a powerful presence even when it's standing still. The muscular lines of the new body evoke performance with bulging fender flares and cutting-edge graphics that put even custom painters to shame. The new, shorter cab enhances the long-and-low look while providing ample clearance for the motor.


Waterproof, High-Torque, Digital Steering Servos
E-Maxx Brushless Edition is equipped for exceptional steering precision with dual, waterproof, high-torque servos. Each delivers 125 oz.-in. of torque for a combined 250 oz.-in. of steering muscle to command E-Maxx with authority at any speed. Twin servos are lighter and more compact than a single large servo, and together they deliver unmatched monster steering response. The servo saver rides on ball bearings to keep the steering response smooth and precise. In short, it's the most powerful and responsive Maxx® steering system ever.


Brushless-Ready Heavy-Duty Transmission
The single-speed Brushless-Ready™ transmission features an oversized steel idler gear and a Torque-Control™ slipper clutch to handle the massive torque of the high-performance Castle Creations 2200Kv brushless motor. To access spur and pinion gears quickly and easily, a unique single-piece gear cover can be removed and installed with a single hex screw.


Extreme-Duty Torque-Control™ Slipper Clutch
E-Maxx Brushless Edition's Torque-Control slipper clutch uses new, aluminum friction pads and finned aluminum alloy pressure plates to dissipate heat and provide consistent traction control even with hard-hitting 6S LiPo power. The aluminum friction pads provide smooth, linear engagement you can count on, lap after lap. Spur gears can be removed and replaced without altering the slipper adjustment. A center ball bearing maintains precise, long-lasting alignment with near friction-free running and virtually zero maintenance. Originally developed for Revo, the Torque-Control slipper is more than tough enough for E-Maxx. Only Traxxas has it!


Extended Wheelbase, Low CG Chassis
Even at maximum speed, E-Maxx feels stable and controlled thanks to its extra-long 335mm wheelbase, 30mm longer than the original E-Maxx. The chassis also features battery compartments that position the batteries lower, angled in towards the center of the truck to lower its center of gravity. The result is improved handling and cornering stability. Heavy-duty chassis braces work together with a new center skid plate to greatly enhance chassis strength and torsional rigidity, so brushless horsepower is channeled into pure acceleration, not unwanted flex.


Quick Release Battery Hold Downs
An Industry First! The unique chassis design features innovative quick release battery hold downs that install or remove in seconds without clips or tools. The battery hold downs are reversible for use with stick or side-by-side style battery packs. An optional battery strap is available for use with oversized batteries.


Heavy Duty Chassis Braces with Transmission Skidplate
E-Maxx's heavy-duty chassis braces are coupled with an integrated transmission skid plate to provide rigid support that protects the center driveline and virtually eliminates power robbing chassis flex.


Revo®-Spec Drivetrain
Building on the durability of the reliable and incredibly tough Revo drivetrain, E-Maxx incorporates sealed super-duty driveshafts and sealed pivot ball suspension. Heavy-duty axle carriers use large diameter rubber-sealed bearings for ultra-smooth running.


Sealed Revo®-Spec Differentials
New Maxx differential housings feature tunable sealed differentials with Revo internals for maximum tuning ability. Precision sealed with Traxxas X-ring silicone seals, E-Maxx differentials are designed for long-lasting performance and the ability to tune for specific running conditions. Built to handle extreme torque and power, these differentials offer unmatched versatility and toughness.


Double-Shear Captured Linkages
E-Maxx features 100% double-shear connections to all steering and toe linkages to capture and secure all rod ends for unmatched durability. A thick tie-bar on the rear toe links further increases the double sheer strength.



8-Shock Maxx® Suspension
E-Maxx continues the Maxx tradition with its incredible WideMaxx™ 4-wheel independent suspension. Wicked long travel, nearly 4 inches at each wheel, is ready to take on just about the roughest terrain you can imagine. Eight oil-filled shocks (two at each wheel) deliver that plush feel and 'bottomless' suspension travel the Maxx series trucks are famous for. The WideMaxx is fully tuneable for the track or extreme bashing with up to 10 shock-mounting positions, adjustable front caster angle, front and rear toe, and front and rear camber angles.


Oil-Filled Ultra Shocks™
Traxxas oil-filled Ultra Shocks are fully tuneable for race-inspired performance. The spring pre-load is adjustable via precise clip-on spacers making it easy to know that each shock is adjusted to the same spec. Rubber pressure bladders prevent air pockets and foaming common with bladderless designs. Double O-ring seals in the shock body keep shock oil in and air out for consistent performance pack after pack.


Progressive Rate Powder Coated White Springs
Big brushless speed means E-Maxx Brushless Edition has to be prepared for bigger hits than ever, but simply installing stiffer springs would compromise E-Maxx's legendary plush ride. Progressive-rate springs are the answer; they soak up small bumps as a softer spring would, but when the conditions get rough and the jumps get big, the springs step up to the challenge by getting firmer as the suspension is compressed. The long-lasting, white powder-coated finish adds an extra dash of high-tech, high-contrast style to the E-Maxx platform.


Tough Composite Components
Improved body mounts, universal Maxx differential housings, strengthened gray composite chassis, and steel reinforced bulkheads increase durability for hardcore bashing.


Hex Hardware
Pro-quality, high-grade, metric hex-drive hardware is used throughout for extra strength and easy maintenance and repair. The black-oxide rust-resistant finish provides a high tech look and feel.


Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings
Precision rubber-sealed bearings offer the ultimate in super low-friction performance and maximum protection in dirt and nitro environments. They are used in all exposed locations on the truck and are virtually maintenance free.


Over 4" Inches of Center Ground Clearance
The unique E-Maxx chassis design offers maximum center ground clearance (over 4 inches) to eliminate the high-centering and chassis dragging that plague flat-chassis monster trucks. Plus it maintains that tall, authentic monster truck look.


Unmatched Customer Support and Parts Availability
We offer the best support, period. Nobody works harder than Traxxas to be accessible to you. We have friendly toll-free phone support that's available from 8:30am to 9pm central time weekdays. Just call 1-888-TRAXXAS. We also offer e-mail support anytime at support@Traxxas.com. Parts and service are available from a network of almost 2,000 hobby dealers worldwide. Traxxas models are about experiencing total performance and satisfaction, not just in the products, but also with the company that stands behind them.

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