1. How do I register to race?
    1. Sign up to race at the Traxxas Mobile Support Center. The entry fee is $10 to race as many classes as you like. You may register up to one hour before the race.
  2. What do I need to bring to the race?
    1. In addition to your racing gear, remember to bring your entry fee (if you haven't pre-registered). Expect a full day in the sun, so light-colored clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are all good ideas. Need a checklist for your racing gear? Click here!
  3. May I bring a cooler to the event?
    1. Coolers are not allowed in the race venue, but there are many vendors on site for food and drinks.
  4. Will I be able to buy parts at the track?
    1. The Traxxas Mobile Support Center will be stocked with parts--plus complete Traxxas vehicles, Traxxas and TORC hats, T-shirts, and more.
  5. Will I have power for my charger at the track?
    1. Traxxas will have generators to power all your track equipment. Remember to bring your extension cord and power strip!
  6. Will there be pit tables?
    1. There will be a limited number of pit tables. Racers are highly encouraged to bring folding tables and chairs for their pit space.
  7. Is there a place to store my gear while I watch the full-size race?
    1. No. You are responsible for keeping tabs on your gear, Traxxas does not have storage and will not be responsible for personal items.
  8. May I use my AMB personal transponder?
    1. Yes.
  9. What's a personal transponder?
    1. A transponder is a small electronic device that is mounted on your car to count laps. Many racers purchase their own transponder, but you don't have to; Traxxas will have loaner transponders available.