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Liam Doran

Liam Doran - Profile

Known as the British Bomb, Liam Doran has been a contender in Rallycross since the early days of his career. The son of famed British Rallycross legend Pat Doran, Liam chose to follow in his father’s footsteps. At the age of 14, Liam began his Rallycross career by competing in a junior Mini. A young gun in the sport, Liam was determined, advancing quickly through the stages as he continued his Rallycross career.


In 2009 Liam came into his own as he ran against some of the quickest drivers in Europe. You’ve got to be skilled to beat the fastest drivers. Liam was, and drove his way to 2nd place in the MSA British Rallycross Championship.


Following up in the 2010 season, Liam was driving a new car and got things dialed in fast. Liam boasted impressive results, managing to score the most points of any driver in the second half of the season. While outstanding for any driver, Liam achieved this just in his first year at the European Level.


The time during 2011 would bring about some big changes and opportunities for Liam. Having built a determined and fearsome reputation within the Rallycross community and industry, Liam was given an opportunity to sign, and did, with the then newly formed Rallycross Team. Soon a door would open to compete at the X Games which resulted in an unexpected gold medal. After the gold medal finish at the X Games, Liam received instant recognition as one of the top drivers by some of the best drivers in the world.


Doran raced into the 2012 season to a stunning victory in Germany would net Liam a 2nd place finish in the 2012 European Rallycross Championship. 


A full calendar schedule greeted Liam in 2013. The newly formed LD Motorsports proved to be one of the strongest teams through the 2013 European Rallycross season.  With multiple races and top finishes throughout the season, Doran continues to stake his claim in the Rallycross world, as well as in automotive racing. Competing at X Games Munich, Liam captured both gold and silver medals, while taking the bronze at the Gymkhana GRID event at X Games Los Angeles. The 2013 season would come to a fantastic close as the LD Motorsports team captured the silver and bronze in the FIA RallycrossRX.


Looking to the 2014 season and beyond, Liam and LD Motorsports are poised, focused, and determined to keep pushing forward as they continue on in Rallycross and other driving disciplines. A serious force on the Rallycross circuits, as well as a notable name in the industry, Doran is one of the leading athletes in off-road motorsports. With his enthusiastic driving style and motivation, the British Bomb is a force to be reckoned with. 


Liam Doran