Ryder DiFrancesco

Ryder DiFrancesco

Ryder Difrancesco


Ryder DiFrancesco wowed the motocross world with back-to-back wins in 2011 and 2012 for the 50cc 4-6 Loretta Lynn National Champion title. The first championship win in 2011 made Ryder the youngest ever, at the age of five, to win a Loretta Lynn championship and placed him in the history books. Then, in 2012, history would be made again as Ryder would become the first kid to win the title back-to-back in the 50cc 4-6 class. Making things even more stunning, Ryder won his second national championship after suffering a broken leg during a practice earlier in 2012. After healing, Ryder was back on track and hasn’t looked back.


Dynamite definitely comes in small packages, and being on two wheels very well may be in Ryder’s blood. Ryder’s father, himself, is an accomplished speedway rider. The young phenom has a very fitting name given his focus and determination to excel at his sport and be the best rider at every event.


Ryder is currently enjoying great success in the 50cc and 65cc classes with multiple moto wins, podium finishes, and more than a handful of National Championships.  Ryder is building quite the resume, and by the looks of it he’s just getting warmed up. 

To those familiar with motocross, the number 199 should look very familiar and be cause to sit up and take notice. Burning up the tracks from California to Texas to Florida, and everywhere in between, Ryder DiFrancesco is a name that you will want to remember. 


Ryder rides for Traxxas, Thor, Parts Unlimited, DC shoes, Monster Energy, Alpine Stars, Scott goggles, and Leatt.


Ryder loves his Traxxas RC cars! On his time away from his busy schedule of racing, Ryder is always driving one of his RC cars. His favorite Traxxas RC car is the Rally Car.