John Force

John Force


John Force today is an American racing icon because of his single-minded determination to follow his dream--regardless of the obstacles. To compete at drag racing's top levels, the Southern California native had to overcome childhood polio, poverty and rampant skepticism, even from within his own inner circle. The fact that he has become the greatest champion in the history ofstraight-line racing, perhaps the greatest in all of motor racing, is just a bonus.


While other 60-somethings are content to manipulate nothing more stressful than a TV remote, Force again is mashing the throttle on the Castrol GTX HIGH MILEAGE Ford Mustang that has carried him to 27 straight Top 10 finishes.


Before the victories came sacrifice. Force wasn't really pursuing championships in the 1970s and early '80s. He was just trying to make enough money to pay for gas and bologna sandwiches for himself and his crew. Staying in a hotel was a luxury that usually meant six guys to a room. "Anything to get us to the next race," he has said of his philosophy. Force wanted nothing more than to compete on the same big stage with Don "the Snake" Prudhomme, Tom "the Mongoose" McEwen and three-time world champion Raymond Beadle. In his first 65 starts, Force reached the final round nine times – but never won. Persistence finally paid off when he won at Montreal, Canada, in 1987. It proved to be just a stepping stone for drag racing's most prolific driver.


John Force Castrol Ford Mustang