Keegan Kincaid

Keegan Kincaid

Traxxas athlete Keegan Kincaid, the son of seven-time Pro Light Champion, Jeff Kincaid, was born and raised in Crandon, Wisconsin where off-road racing is part of life; it’s quite possible that off-road racing is literally in his blood. Having dedicated time and energy working on race trucks, as well as learning the ways of Kincaid Motorsports, the stage was set for Keegan to make the step up and strap into a race truck. After watching his father dominate off-road racing for over 20 years, it was Keegan’s turn to prove himself and continue the Kincaid legacy.


Finishing 5th in points with 10 top-five finishes in his 2012 rookie season competing in The Off-Road Championship series, Keegan placed a solid year of racing under his belt. Expectations were high for the young Pro Light driver as he entered the 2013 season. With all eyes on him, Keegan followed up his rookie year by claiming the 2013 TORC Pro Light Championship with 5 wins and 11 podium finishes.


With the bar set from the 2013 season, Keegan boasted some impressive stats in the 2014 season, including a first for the young off-road driver. Even though the season got off to a rough start in the Pro Light class, Keegan finished on the podium 7 times. Out of the 7 podium finishes, 5 were wins. Keegan also filled in for two races in the Pro 2 class after his father had a hard crash during a practice run. In a true team effort, Keegan took the reins of teammate, Mike Jenkins, Pro 2 truck and ran Jeff’s number plate. The talented young driver captured a podium finish in the second race, but even more impressive is that the podium finish was a win.


Keegan can also be found pushing the limits and putting in laps behind the wheel of the blue Traxxas #47 super stadium truck in the Speed Energy Formula Off-Road presented by Traxxas racing series. The largely asphalt courses have provided an opportunity for the younger Kincaid to expand his driving skills. With five top-5 finishes and three podium finishes, Keegan wrapped up the 2014 season having gained more experience in Stadium Super Truck and increased his driving ability. 


The road ahead looks very promising for the younger Kincaid as he carries the family off-road racing legacy into the future. Keegan is also part of the next generation that’s perpetuating off-road racing, and he’s doing a fantastic job. Keep both eyes on this young man as he continues to progress and develop his skills. 



Keegan Kincaid #7 TORC Pro Light


Keegan Kincaid off the ground



Keegan Kincaid #47 SST

Keegan Kincaid SST